1. Tomorrow, our CEO Przemyslaw will appear as a speaker at the Medical University of Gdańsk during the conference "Nutrition in autoimmune conditions". He will talk about how the latest technologies help people with diabetes.
    Detailed schedule: 

  2. Diabetes Lab podał/a dalej

    Last week, we presented our project of for diabetes management (@DiabetesLab) at conference in Vienna.

  3. Getting ready for the next day at . Our presentation today is at 12:30, Tech Fair — Exhibition Area.

  4. Diabetes Lab podał/a dalej

    and provide vast possibilities for improving life with . A great presentation by @DiabetesLab from Poland

  5. Presentations of @DiabetesLab at :
    - in the main program: 15 Feb 2018 14:00, "Presentation of start-up companies", Hall M
    - at the ATTD 2018 Technology Fair: 16 Feb 2018 12:30, Exhibition Area.

  6. Diabetes Lab podał/a dalej

    Getting ready for . You will find @DiabetesLab at Tech Fair booth 31.

  7. DiabetesLab won ATTD Startup Grant! 🎉✨ Thanks to it, we'll present our work at in Vienna, Austria, 14-17 February 2018.

  8. We are focusing on reflective / analytic smart tech for diabetes.
    via RT @MiriamETucker slide from @drpratikc

  9. Diabetes Lab podał/a dalej

    Great talk @ExeterMed shows the future of precision diabetes is going to be apps to help clinical decisions

  10. Diabetes Lab podał/a dalej

    IMPORTANT: product recall for people using specific lot numbers of MiniMed infusion sets. Click here: .

  11. Diabetes Lab podał/a dalej

    Incredible innovation!! New camera can see through human body 

  12. Diabetes Lab podał/a dalej

    The short-term effects of exercise can last anywhere from two hours to three days!

  13. DiabetesLab is developing a tech solution to make management easier. @InkubatorStart @gdansk 

  14. Polish Diabetes Association writes about the Seal of Excellence grant awarded to DiabetesLab. 

  15. An article about the local ecosystem in Gdansk (Poland) mentions DiabetesLab.@gdansk @InkubatorStart 

  16. Diabetes Lab podał/a dalej

    10 years ago @AmyDBMine wrote this to Steve Jobs 

  17. We are proud to announce that DiabetesLab was accepted into the acceleration program !

  18. DiabetesLab Poland was nominated for the Polish Intelligent Development Award 2017!